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Truth Through Scrutiny — Garry Hamilton,

When in doubt, tell the truth. — Mark Twain

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Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal for Media Mythbusters. This will be the central hub of our wiki and blog - you will find out what is current and what is pending as we progress. Learn what projects need assistance, what groups can be signed up for and read or post recent or historical incidents concerning our wiki and the media. All input is welcome…

This is Media Mythbuster's primary gathering place for information/references and all things wiki concerning the media and keeping them honest. If you wish to contribute or comment on this site, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Requested Topics:

  • Help Page
  • Ask A Question
  • Reference Desk
  • Media Myths - Examples of Inaccurate, Irresponsible and/or Misleading Reporting
  • Journalists and Sources
  • Join the MMB Discussion Group

Community Bulletin Board

Media Mythbusters will post news, announcements and various requests from here. So check back frequently...

Project Assistance and Help Requests

Media Mythbusters will be the largest repository of reported incidents holding the media accountable to their profession and to their viewers and readers out there. However, many sections need research, additional work or otherwise need attention. If you are an approved contributor, pick your section and jump right in. If you are more comfortable with making a suggestion, please feel free to do so. If you are a reader and one of the countless individuals out there who can assist Media Mythbusters with uncovering the truth in the realm of mainstream media, send us your suggestions and additions. We would be honored to have your assistance - after all the media answers to 'you' and this is where accounts concerning the media's actions will be recorded for review by virtually everyone.

Things you can do to help:

  • Add content.
  • Add links.
  • Add pictures.
  • Add research to a category or topic.
  • Check links.
  • Do an article or author review.
  • Donate time or funds.
  • Promote Media Mythbusters.
  • Proofread.
  • Report instances of media abuse or negligence.
  • Submit an article relating to our categories.
  • Suggest a category or topic.
  • Verify sources.
  • Write an article for the blog.

Projects and Sub-categories:

Project Assignments and Team Collaborations

This is where Media Mythbusters will form teams concerning specific topics or projects. Whether to elaborate on a section or to research an incident, this will become our team building section.

Policies, Guidelines, Resources, General Information and Help

This will be a gathering place for helpful facts and resources concerning the wiki and blog. Stay tuned bat fans...

This is a work in progress - visit regularly for updates...

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