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General Guidelines

-- Do not add to or edit the Main Page. If you have a suggestion for the main page please email it to Lorie or Terresa.

-- Do not create a new Media Myth list entry without first checking with Lorie or another editor. It is not necessary to check before creating new internal link pages, but additional major entries to the Media Myths list should be cleared first.

-- Only post material that deals with cases of media "malpractice." There are other sites that cover media bias quite well, Media Mythbusters is focused primarily on cases where there is no room for interpretation.

-- Keep the content of the material posted related to fact, not opinion. The purpose of the site is to track what was reported and how, not to speculate on why it might have been reported the way it was.

-- Substantiate any material posted with supporting links.

-- Always give full attribution (including links) and follow "fair use" rules

-- Media Myths entries should address inaccurate or inadequate reporting, rather than slant or bias which can be open to interpretation.

-- All material posted is subject to editing.

Wiki Markup Notes

Wiki markup is a simplified system of punctuation.

To bold a word or words, use three apostrophes before a phrase and finish with three more, to wit:

  • ' ' ' words to make bold ' ' ' (also you can highlight and use the [B] button)

while italics are made using two apostrophes:

  • ' ' italicized phrase ' ' (also you can highlight and use the [I] Button)
  • Bullets are created by placing an asterisk (*) in the left margin.

To draw a separator line (like this one):

use four dashes (----) in the left margin.

Links and Pages

To link to a wiki page, use a pair of square brackets ([[), then the page title, followed by another pair of brackets (]]). This creates a link. If the page that the link points to does not yet exist, the link will be red, and when you click on it, you'll be creating that page. At the bottom of a page during composition you will see a button for Save page, Show preview, and Show changes.

For external links, type a single bracket ([), followed by the url, followed by one space, followed by the words to appear as the link, followed by another single bracket (]).

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